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The overall goal of the JT Dorsey Foundation is to provide children with the tools and resources they need to lead healthy, productive, and successful lives. These types of programs are essential in promoting positive youth development and helping children build a strong foundation for their future.


JTDF Events

Fundraising and community events are needed for nonprofit organizations to generate the resources needed to support their missions. By running these events, the JT Dorsey Foundation can not only secure the necessary funding but also engage with the community and build a network of supporters who are passionate about their cause.

The JT Dorsey Foundation

Skill School Training Information and Registration

Skill School training is designed to expand a player’s mental and physical soccer abilities, focusing on individual skills. The goal of the training is to develop skilled, confident, and creative players through purposeful practice that might not occur during traditional team training.

Turf Time Athletics
419 E High St, Carlisle PA 17013

Sundays Nov. 12 - March 10, 2024

For more information please visit